Restorations International Ministries, Inc.

Ministry Bio

Restorations International Ministries, Inc. is the fulfillment of a vision that was11779924_1693360690883779_5893488291612870896_o born in Evangelist Elsie’s heart as a young, caring, loving, gracious, compassionate, spirit–filled woman!

In October of 2007, Evangelist Elsie Augustin was led by the Almighty God (YHWH) to Gonaives Haiti, a city that, some two hundred years ago, was dedicated to Satan and most of the population is bound since in worshiping the devil!

Evangelist Elsie Augustin saw the distressed life of the people and how most of the world stood idly by. A determination was born in her heart to willingly step forward and embraced the Calling/Mission that had been placed in her life by the Almighty YHWH!

Evangelist Elsie Augustin has but one desire, to find a way to tell the hopeless, depressed and oppressed that they are not alone! Regardless of their history, color, and background God has not forgotten His promises unto them!


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