Growing Healthy Kids

Organization Bio

Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2009 by Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H.  We design and deliver solutions to the childhood obesity epidemic based on the belief that all children deserve access to real, whole foods that promote the growth and development of healthy bodies and strong minds.  We are meeting the needs of parents and organizations who want access to evidence-based health and wellness resources so they can raise children free of obesity-related diseases. Our U.S. headquarters in in Vero Beach, Florida and our European headquarters is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Growing Healthy Kids, Inc. believes that connecting children with farms and farmers teaches them to respect food and the people who work hard to grow it.  When kids respect where their food comes from, they learn to respect themselves and how to make healthy choices about food for the rest of their lives.

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