Chesapeake Bible College

Organization Bio

Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary (CBCS) is a 501(c)(3) Correspondence Bible College that provides a ministry of Christian Education through home correspondence studies, online studies and classroom studies on the Bible as well as Christian Counseling, Religious Education, Theology, Christian Living and Ministry. Our degrees range from a Diploma, Associate, Bachelor, Master & Doctors degrees. The religious degrees that CBCS grants are for personal growth and advancement in Christian ministry, they are not for secular employment or educational purposes. The CBCS instructional program is only designed for and aimed at persons who hold or seek to learn the particular religious faith or beliefs of the church or religious institution, and provides only educational programs for religious vocations or purposes. CBCS is a faith based ministry started by the late Dr. William Comfort with the vision of taking Christian Education off the top shelf and making it available for the everyday person who is pursuing God’s plan for their life.


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