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The story of Ocean Floor Web & Graphic Design Ministries is ever unfolding…but it starts with a desire and a vision. Our founder, Todd Jennings, has always viewed education and creative design to be gifts given to him by our Lord. Through trials and tribulation, the Lord has shown him that all things can be accomplished and completed here on earth as they are in Heaven through grace, humility, and surrender to His Word.

Many of those lessons in humility and surrender come back to one basic tenet of our faith – we must die daily, that His Spirit may live and dwell fully in us (John 3:30, Galatians 2:20, Philippians 3:8, Luke 9:23 and many more). Sounds simple, right? However, the first step is accepting the Lord’s grace and knowing that your sins have been forgiven. The strongholds of Satan no longer have control of your life or soul. You’ve been redeemed through His blood and sacrifice.

This ministry is dedicated to that first step. Knowing you are forgiven. That every sin has been hurled to the bottom of the sea. Gone. Forgotten. No more.  As proclaimed in Micah 7:19 and Audio Adrenaline’s “Ocean Floor”.

You may have noticed the imagery of this site and wondered what it is or what it means. The video, photos, and imagery are based on a statue of Christ, known as “Christ of the Abyss”, which sets on the bottom of the ocean in Kennekamp Park, Key Largo, FL.   “Christ of the Abyss” serves as a visual reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for our sins. While it is evident that the blemishes on the statue are only algae and other sea life adhering to its cast; doesn’t it also serve as a great reminder of the sins He abolished on the cross?  Taking them away from us.  The same sins that have been cast into the the sea. Forgotten. No more…on the bottom of the Ocean Floor.


Your sins are forgotten.
They are no more.
They’re on the OCEAN FLOOR.

Audio Adrenaline

Ocean Floor Ministries provides its clients with professional state-of-the-art designs for the web and/or print.  However, this site will serve multiple purposes.  This site can be used to attain our services, but we also want to offer you a number of other tools as well.  This site is also a web resource for marketing tips, WordPress tutorials, and contains a spiritual blog filled with life lessons and resources.

Todd W. Jennings

Todd W. Jennings


Hello, my name is Todd Jennings.  After many years working in the realm of higher education and dabbling with a few freelance endeavors, it became very evident that the Lord was paving the way to the founding of Ocean Floor Web & Graphic Design Ministries, Inc. (Ocean Floor Ministries).  In February of 2015, Ocean Floor Ministries was born and has led to many wonderful opportunities and working relationships with other like-minded professionals and businesses.

I’ve worked in the field of web/graphic design and content management for close to 15 years.  I hold accredited degrees from Murray State University (Bachelor’s of Science in Business Education) and the University of Central Florida (Master’s of Arts in Instructional Technology).  My work includes content creation and instruction used to train fellow colleagues at Murray State University, Auburn University, and the University of Central Florida.  During my tenure, I’ve also worked with ministries, small businesses, non-profits, local political campaigns, and other private individuals to create web content, logos, print materials, and other design projects.  My design experience has been an extensive mix of all sorts of happenings from public to private sector and spiritual to secular based projects.

My wife, Kimberly, and I also own Brevard Veterinary Hospital (in Cocoa, Florida), and we have 5 beautiful children.  Together we have chosen to take a leap of faith and follow His lead on this new journey which has proven to be a humbling, yet frustrating, learning experience.  We are thankful for Him and His calling and look forward to sharing our knowledge and walk with you.  Thanks for visiting oceanfloorministries.com.


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