So, this is a long, overdue update of what’s been going on here at Ocean Floor Ministries.

The Following is a list of our current projects (with many more waiting to begin):

Audra J. Waters Ministries – A 5-fold ministry focusing on unifying the church, supplying our veterans with their needs, lifting up the homeless, raising our children in a godly manner, and restoring the family as a whole.

Baseball Pastor – A ministry providing Coaches, Players, and Fans life lessons and answering questions about how to apply the Word of God on and off the field.  Through blog posts and podcasts this ministry continues to reach a large number of subscribers throughout the year and season.

Chesapeake Bible College – CBCS Alive 2.0 – A well established bible college that has offered students a vast catalog of degrees, programs, and courses for over 40 years.  They are working to expand their enrollment by offering online curriculum that can be accessed all over the world.

Narada’s Great Gospel Show – A gospel show celebrating some of the greatest gospel hits ever recorded.  Featuring both “Oh Happy Day” and “Get Together”, this show will have churches, theaters, and concert halls rockin’ as it makes its way across the nation.

Transforming Your City – A collaborative effort bringing together vital parts of many communities – urging them to work together to meet and accomplish common goals and missions.  This ministry is working to bring healing, communication, and collaboration to the local level.

And many more to come…

We are so thankful for each of these ministries, and we continue to pray that God will reach the hearts and minds of all who come into contact with them and their message.  May the name of Christ be praised by each of them and their efforts.

We will continue to keep you posted as new endeavors take place… and we will be rolling out some new templates very soon as well!  Stay Tuned – the Lord is doing some amazing things!


Todd W. Jennings

& The Ocean Floor Ministries Staff


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