First of all, Hello and Welcome to our very first blog post!

After many years struggling to put our entrepreneurial skills to good use, we’ve been shown that the biggest hindrance to a business and/or a service-oriented entity is the flesh.  Yes, it’s true – this is evident in all that we do and all that we are.  However, a business and its owner have the potential to (and most likely will) also effect the lives of its employees, clients, and the community.  Therefore, it is imperative that we, as Christians, strive to allow the Lord to guide our hands, feet, thoughts, etc. as we serve others even when for a profit or personal gain.  That being said, we’ve been led to this point.  And the Lord has already opened many doors that we would have never thought possible.  We’ll expound more on this in future posts! 🙂

For now, we’ll leave you with our Purpose & Mission…

Ocean Floor Web & Graphic Design Ministries is a non-profit Christian ministry focused on serving churches, small businesses, organizations, and other specific groups in need of web and/or graphic design.  Our goal is simple…to provide you with professional grade designs without depleting the funds of your ministry or business.  We regard our clients as brothers and sisters in Christ and are honored to assist each one on their journey with Him.

Be well…

The Ocean Floor Ministries Staff

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